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Brazil Coffee Ebony

A piece of furniture made of solid bamboo is always a conversation piece, especially if its a Coffee table in the center of the room. The grain is unusual and this often prompts guests to inquire about its nature. Since everyone knows that bamboo trees are hollow, its hard to imagine how they become a beautiful part of one’s living room but our bamboo furniture really does that. As an essential piece of furniture in any living room or den, our bamboo tables are a great means of providing a spot to set a beverage and a book when relaxing in any room. They provide a convenient table top for patrons sitting on nearby sofa while acting as a beautiful centerpiece to the rest of the room. The finish is completely water resistant, and cleaning is simple with any normal household product. Knowing that bamboo is Earths’s most sustainable tree for furniture, its a natural choice for all of us.


The bamboo grain is simple and linear which is partly why we design our furniture with clean, simple lines.   The trademark of each bamboo stalk is its ‘knuckles’, or nodes which divide the hollow sections.  These nodes appear and repeat in bamboo furniture about every ten to twelve inches, just as they do on the tree.  They are the birthmarks of this wood species and a signature that means sustainability on Earth.

Some say it has a slightly Asian flair to it, while others say it is just has clean contemporary lines. Regardless, its 100% solid bamboo furniture and bears the mark of bamboo’s subtle signature and you can know that its made from the world’s most sustainable wood resource.


Our patented hardware system makes assembly fast and easy, but also provides a tight finished look that seems more like an expensive pre-assembled table. If you buy two tables, the first one will take you fifteen minutes, the second one five to enjoy the reliability of bamboo furniture.

Download Brazil Assembly Instructions 


Dimensions (inches): 44 x 22 x 18
Weight: 34 Lbs
Model No: 20-2244E
Color: Ebony